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Is Egypt proving the Bush Doctrine Correct?

January 31, 2011

In the wake of the uprising in Egypt, I was reminded of the Bush Doctrine.  Is the situation in Egypt proving the Bush Doctrine to be correct?  If you can remember, there are many parts of the Bush Doctrine (pre-emptive strikes, seeking out terrorism around the world before they strike, preventing countries from aiding terror organizations, etc.).  However, the aspect of the doctrine most pertinent for today’s situation, and probably most theoretical, is the belief that Democracy spreads throughout a region once planted.

Since the toppling of Saddam Hussein and his regime in Iraq, we have seen other countries’ people begin to rise up and demand more freedom in their own country.  Could it be, after all the criticism of George W. Bush and the Bush Doctrine, that he could be right?  Regardless of what you believe abut motivations for invading Iraq, it is clear that the people of Iraq are better off under democracy, however imperfect it may be.  Since then, we have seen uprisings in Iran, Lebanon, Tunisia, and now Egypt.  What country could be next?

If you believe that freedom is the natural condition in which mankind was meant to live and thrive, it only makes sense that people would strive to obtain freedom from an oppressive government regime.  If people of those other countries see the rise in freedom politically, religiously, and economically, why would they not believe that they can achieve the same in their own country?

It is important for the United States to make it clear that we stand with people around the world wishing to achieve  democracy and increased freedom in their country.  However, in some places where there is danger of a terrorist regime takeover, it is important for countries around the world to be standing by with support and pressure to ensure relatively fair/free elections, and a violence free transfer of power.  These are very delicate situations, but it’s most important to send a clear message to people around the world, that if you are willing to work toward democracy, the United States stands with you.


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  1. February 21, 2011 5:55 pm

    Although he sounded far too much like a Crusader, whose views of good and evil seemed very close to asserting the supremacy of Christianity, George W. Bush’s legacy is loving every minute of what is going on in the Middle East.

    When I’m being positive I see this entire thing as a global version of the “Revolution of Reason” that this country so desperately needs. There is a lot of Machiavellian resistance in this country, but I think we’re on the path to a more just world.

    Too bad Elliott Spitzer couldn’t have kept it in his pants, as he’d have been a terrific President right about now.

  2. Jim permalink
    February 22, 2011 4:43 pm

    To Democrats it’s a resume enhancement. Elliott Spitzer didn’t do anything worse than Bill Clinton except for actually getting caught.

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