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GOP Starts Repeal Effort

January 17, 2011

After postponing the debate after the shooting in Tuscon, this week the GOP starts its repeal effort on Health Care Reform.  As a major campaign promise last fall, it is clear that the GOP needs a victory on this issue.  The most important thing is that the majority of the American people support repeal at some level, at least making changes to the law.  This is evident in political polling from a variety of polling institutions, but was also evident through last years election, which was largely a referendum on the new health care legislation.

Some polls do show support of repeal of the legislation easing.  I think this is because people are now experiencing the parts of the law that everyone can agree on (pre-existing conditions, children on their parents insurance till 26, etc. )  But it remains clear that the American people want changes in this legislation.  People realize that there are good things about this new law that everyone can agree on.  This can be good for the GOP if they make it fit the narrative of their Pledge to America, “repeal and replace”.

Also, joining the GOP, are a number of Democrat representatives who have made it clear they are ready to work with GOP members to see parts of the health care law changed.  Although the Senate will be much more difficult to garnish bipartisanship or passage of any type of repeal, it will be a major show of force from the newly elected GOP class and those Democrats that join them.  This could be a huge opportunity for the GOP for a huge political victory.  More importantly, what is the best for the American people?  That is what Congress should do.

I think Congress should actually show some bipartisanship for once and rewrite Health Care Reform including all the things everyone can agree on, and striking out the controversial aspects (the so-called Death Panels, and mandate to purchase insurance).  Things like, closing the donut whole, no pre-existing condition exemptions, etc.  These are all things that make sense, won’t disturb our free market economy, won’t put a massive new responsibility on businesses  (like a mandate would), and would also make the lengthy and costly court battle over the mandate irrelevant.  This would be a victory for the GOP and the Dems that follow, while improving the health care industry, and most importantly, accomplishing what the American people elected their representatives to accomplish.



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  1. Jim permalink
    January 18, 2011 7:56 pm

    I do think the House will get the repeal of Obamacare passed, but it will either be held up in the Senate, or they’ll make changes to it. Obama will never sign a repeal on a bill of this scale. They have been after the healthcare industry for decades. It won’t be until 2013 before Obamacare could realistically be repealed.

    • January 18, 2011 8:05 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jim. Unfortunately, I think your right. The House has centrist Democrats that are willing to work with Republicans to change the legislation. However, the Senate does not, and as you say, Obama is not going to change his trophy legislation. But stranger things have happened. Similar to forcing Clinton to sign welfare reform in the 90’s, the Republicans still need to put pressure on the Dems. That, along with continued pressure from the American people, might be enough to see some changes. Thanks again for the comment, and please subscribe to receive future posts. Thanks!

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