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Nightmare Before Christmas

December 16, 2010

The lame duck Congress has now become the nightmare before christmas (my apologies to Tim Burton).  With less than a month before the new Congress takes the oath, the lame duck Congress is pushing multiple pieces of legislation that will have a devastating effect on our country.  Let’s go one by one:

1. Tax Cut Deal – Earlier, I had been supportive of the tax cut extension deal.  However, since its inception, it has been loaded up with a ton of pork barrel spending.  It also revitalizes the death tax.  A large reason why people save money is to be able to help their families and pass it along to their loved ones after they pass.  The government has no business taxing their wealth as they earn, and again after they simply will it to others.  The solution is to wait till the next Congress where they can hopefully agree to a retroactive tax extension without all the pork and hidden tax raises like the death tax.

2.  Omnibus – The Omnibus spending bill is a 1.1 Trillion dollar disaster of pork barrel spending, about 6,000 pet projects in all.  We simply don’t have money for all this stuff.  Especially when this “stuff” is pig waste management.  No one has read it, no one knows what’s in it.  With our economic and national debt problems, are we really going to dig ourselves another $1.1T deeper into this hole?

3.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – I agree with John McCain when he says we need to listen to our military commanders on this one.  Every top military commander, except the Navy commander, has stated it would be a mistake to repeal this legislation.  They know best, let’s heed their words.  Contrary to some people’s misunderstanding that I have heard recently, if you are gay you can serve in the military, just don’t be vocal about your sexual persuasion.  We don’t ask straight people to be vocal about their straightness, why should be expect that from homosexual people.  Recent polling has shown that most gay people currently serving wouldn’t be vocal about their preference even if DADT is repealed.  Also, it would take building another set of infrastructure for openly gay people: barracks, other training facilities, etc.  The system is currently working, top commanders say its working.  Everyone is free to serve just as they are.  There is no reason to be wasting time in this session on this issue.

4.  DREAM Act – I understand the need for a system to allow illegals to come out of the shadows through a temporary worker program, or if they wish, to get at the back of the line to become citizens.  This is especially true for those who came here illegally as children under the wing of their parents.  I like the idea of helping these kids if they wish to serve in the armed services. But that should only be extended to those kids currently here.  We should secure the border first, which would severely limit illegal immigration and help us make sure that new people coming into this country do not take advantage of this policy.  Help them learn English, gain experience as a soldier, and learn to love this country and know its history.  This will help them in the future to start the process of becoming a citizen if they would like.  But saying that we are going to help them pay for tuition at a state school?  That is wrong.  Not to mention the continued budget issues with this idea, why are we incentivizing coming here illegally?  This sends a message to parents – if you want your kids to have a college education, come here illegally, and we will help you pay for it.  With so many American parents struggling to pay tuition for their own kids, why should we do this for illegal aliens?  This is wrong, and we should not allow any illegal alien to cut in line on the pathway to citizenship.

This is what we face during these few short days before the end of this lame duck session.  Write your representatives and let them know that this is unacceptable.

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